Marina Abramovic Institute and the Mueseum



This past week, Time Magazine announced its annual 100 most influential people of the year. Marina Abramovic was featured as one of the two only visual artists to make the list. There is no question of the impact she has had in the world of performance art and the art world itself. Endurance and authenticity or just two of the many things that makes her work memorable, but Marina has served as one of my biggest inspirations as an artist. Her willingness to use her body as a method to bring awareness and demonstrate ideas of human empathy has inspired me to use my own body in my photography.

Abramovic has opened the Marina Abramovic Institute, which serves as a platform for immaterial art and long durational works, including those of performance art, dance, theater, film, music, opera, science, nature, technology, and undiscovered forms that may develop in the future. When I think more about my feeling of the museum and how it seems that maybe the function of the museum must change to accommodate today’s time, I think about how this institute may work better. The institute allows for its viewers to have more of a leisure experience, yet still providing education on performance art and the possibility for the viewer to feel enlightened. By no means am I saying that there is no need for the museum, but maybe places similar in function to the Marina Abramovic Institute could lead more people into the art world. It sounds similar to the original function of the museum, but maybe a little more hip. Just a thought.


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